TUF Shit – An Ultimate Fighter Blog

The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 Blogathon!

Episode 2.

This episode was great. There was a bunch of really shit fights.

The last fight was pretty good. One guy had a beard.

Then Dana White sent half the people home to no jobs, no cars and probably no girlfriends!

The one-minute preview for the season actually looked pretty good. There seems to be a complete and utter lack of any form of innovation, but luckily lots of stupid shit being done by stupid idiots which is exactly why people watch reality TV, anyway.

Catch you next week, fuckers.

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  1. […] it for the moment. I did however want to point out the best breakdown of this week’s episode, care of Martial Farts (whom you all should have bookmarked by now, they get mentioned so much around here): Episode […]

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