Know your blogger! Japan edition.

Inspired by Hywel Teague over at Notes from Ringside, I decided to get some film of me sparring at OJJ on Sunday night.


It was another good session. We just did a warm up and then got straight into the sparring. Five minute rounds. I think I did about six in a row before my muscles started to really ache and I took a rest. Things are going pretty well at the moment, my stamina isn’t bad and my techniques are working for me. The blues and purples still give me hassle (and the occasional white, if they are good), but overall I’m feeling pretty good. If I can get my strength and stamina up a little more and just refine a few combination techniques, standup techniques, and my finishing, I should be okay. Not much then /sarcasm.


I can’t recommend filming yourself enough. Well, not too much, but you should do it now and then and check yourself out. There are many reasons… if you look like shit, most likely you are doing something very wrong. You get to check your posture, you can see the huge holes in your game, see missed opportunities, and whether or not you have a big sweaty arse crack.

Without further ado, I present a freshly-shaven monkey in a jiu jitsu gi for your amusement. I am the one with a big nose and round eyes.

9 Responses

  1. I love the way he just tosses me around at 9:20… nice technique.

  2. Actually at about 9:10

  3. COOL VID! rollie rollie roll, I especially like the bit when you sat on that guys face and think that its an often neglected jiu jitsu move…the 69.

  4. One of my favourites, as long as I’m on the receiving end that is! HAR HAR HAR

  5. Some good rolling there dude… few areas of your game need working on but I think you were doing really well for yourself.. sure its tap tap tap against the purple but you were sdoing all the right things. You just need to be more assertive in your game I think

  6. オツカレサマ

    I love jiu-jitsu !!

    I love OJJ !!

  7. thanks for the comments.
    Hywel, thanks! I definitely feel that so much of it is mental. If I allow myself to get dominated by someone, I most probably will. If I decide already “oh, this guy is much better than me” then I don’t have a chance. I try to approach everybody with the mindset that “I can catch this guy.” It’s difficult to find a balance between having a positive attitude and having false confindence, but the right mindset is essential. I need to find the right headspace for the comp in May.

    IDE SAN! Thanks for your message and kind words on Mixi!
    Mata yoroshikune!

  8. Great clip! Makes me miss rolling with a gi. And you’re looking good there, Matt.

    Totally agree with you on the mindset. For the tournament, you’ll definitely get to your level of Pumpitude!

  9. Thanks mate. Just getting over this bout of havfever then I’ll be ready to ramp it up another level.

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