Didn’t make it to training tonight, which really sucked. Anyway, no use dwelling on my eternal cold symptoms.

I did have a good day though… here’s why.

First I went shopping, and bought some scales to weigh myself. I perused the shops and came across some classic Engrish and decided to share it with you.


I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to own a t-shirt that said



BOMB Everybody loves that I spend it peacefully peacefully. I dislike that I fight. OK, I mend a new friend today! NEW WEAK FRIEND GOOD!


Fuck, that’s superb.


Cincinnati Peoples Meat.

The best tasting people, or so I hear.

Another good thing about Japan? All you can eat yakiniku (BBQ meat.) Drool.




And the best thing about the day. Sitting back with a Starbucks Tall Double Soy Latte with Honey (I’m not gay, just lactose intolerant) in a combined Starbucks and bookstore where they not only let you read all the magazines for free, they encourage it with comfy chairs and the like. I flick through all the Japanese MMA magazines just looking at the wacky pictures of fighters. Want to see what was in the magazines? Tough shit. I’ll save that surprise for when you make the trip out here. Let’s just say Nogueira doesn’t look quite as good as Takada in a white loincloth.


4 Responses

  1. Your engrish finds are most spectable. I’d kill for that “Peoples Meat” shirt and am currently in the process of trying to procure some Reversal gear.

    Also, your coffee choice is called the “John Waters” on most American menus. Have no idea what that means…

  2. If I had any business acumen, time, or money, I would start a Reversal import business. That stuff is wicked.

    John Waters eh… sounds delightful!

  3. The People’s Meat shirt isn’t actually Engrish. Do a google image search for “people’s meat” and the first thing you’ll see is sign for a meat company from Cincinnati called People’s Meat.

    It’s still an amazing shirt though. I absolutely want one.

  4. Whodathunkit!

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