Does Fedor / Couture have to be in the UFC?




I want some responses to this question!

In my desperation waiting for the Fightlinker podcast, I have been listening to the absolute drivel that is excreted by the slubs from Sherdog.

There’s the Savage Gross Show, The Beatpunch, the Fuck Awesome Shit Show, the I don’t know whatever the fucking shitting hell they want to call it but every single show might as well be renamed

“The barely-awake-irritable-smarmy-condescending-morons-recorded-in-a-submarine-

then-post-processed-in-a-food-blender show”

And the ads! Don’t get me started on the ads. Anyway, I think I heard it on the show with Josh Gross and TJ De Santis (their chemistry is “brilliant”… Josh Gross sounds as though doing a radio show about MMA is some kind of community service sentence handed down by a judge for exposing his genitals to a kindergarten. TJ De Santis takes the full brunt of his lazy, barely concealed hatred until a caller comes on, then De Santis assumes role of smarmy condescender for a few minutes.)

Basically Gross said that he didn’t care where any fight took place (ie with what organisation), as long as the fight was compelling. And that got me to thinking.

The one fight that I really, really give a shit about at the moment is Couture vs. Fedor. This is absolutely the fight of the ages. No question that Randy’s storied history, plus his incredible comeback, put him as one of the greatest fighters ever to hold a belt in the UFC, and one of the best in the world, full stop. Fedor’s complete and unblemished domination of Pride’s heavyweights also guarantees him a place as one of the finest fighters of our time. Those two meeting absolutely has to happen.

But the question is where?

I’m all for other organisations coming up to challenge the UFC. I think it’s good for the fans, and good for the fighters, to have some choice. A monopoly is never good for anyone except the monopolisers.

But right now, at this moment, or in 2008 when I hope this fight happens (and I feel dirty saying this,) I really really want the fight to happen in the UFC.

The UFC carries weight. When you watch someone fight in the UFC, it feels important. It feels legitimate. Ken Shamrock fought in Cage Rage the other day, and it barely registered a twitch on my patented Emotionometer. However, when Shamrock fought Tito Ortiz a while back in the UFC, my Emotionometer was flipping wildy from “Seriously pumperised” to “God shit this is so exciting.”

All the other shows, and I mean all of them, play second fiddle to the UFC. Not something I like, but it’s true. It would be a crime for the biggest fight of the decade not to happen in the biggest promotion of our time.

I suppose I could settle for seeing them slug it out in DREAM, but even so… DREAM doesn’t feel permanent, and doesn’t have the history of the UFC. Randy and Fedor fighting in an organisation that could go tattooed-tits up any moment just wouldn’t have the gravity it would have if they fought in the UFC.

What do you think? In an ideal world, where would this megafight take place?

Would you be happy seeing it on HDNet alongside Johnny Buttnuggets versus Peter Dillfarb for the PMT Super Light Featherweight Championship?

Would you want to see it in Elite XC and being commentated by Mauro Ranallo?

Or an organisation based around a t-shirt company?!

Like it or not, there’s only one company big enough to pump up Fedor vs. Randy to the levels it deserves, and it’s the one headed by the bald guy who says fuck a lot…

Oh and if I have to hear any more stupid Sherdog staff members butcher Fedor’s name (sometimes multiple times in the same sentence) … It’s not FEEDOR, F’DUR, FAYDOR, or FUNDABBDOOZIE. It’s fucking Fyodor. Goddamn idiots.

6 Responses

  1. Hey dumbfuck, different languages pronounce things differently. In English, Fedor’s name is pronounced Fay dor.

    Now fuck off you fucking faggot!

  2. Is this really the fight you want to see for Fedor? I’d much rather see him fight Josh Barnett.

  3. Sheikh, nice trolling. You can’t really be that dumb, can you? It’s pure laziness to change someone’s name to suit your accent.

    FRANKIE, I would indeed love to see him fight Barnett. But Barnett hasn’t achieved what Couture has in recent years.

  4. I’m not sure of this matchup’s obsession. Couture is 16-8. Fedor, like you said, dominated the Pride hw with basically no losses. Is another matchup really needed to show the uninformed fans that Pride really had the better competition (albeit in addition to those wacky pro-wrestling-ish matchups)? I think Anderson Silva, Rampage, and Big Nog already show that, and let’s face it, Big Nog was manhandled by Fedor. Couture v Nog could be interesting.

  5. I see what you mean, neijia. But as in the latest issue of Fighters Only, “records are for DJs.” It’s what Couture and Fedor bring to the table that makes this fight so interesting.

    I’d love to see Couture vs. Nog, for sure. But it wouldn’t have the same level of importance or “one for the ages” for me as Couture vs. Fedor.

  6. Loved seeing Couture, the old man of the UFC, grind out another championship, but he did seem like he was on his last tank of gas.

    Unfortunately, the UFC is the only organization with enough clout to give this match up any sizzle, but I do agree with you that there needs to be another top tier organization to compete with the UFC. One thing the Japanese fighters need to do is to hire a different marketing company. They have the lamest names – Pride? (sorry, every time I hear it it reminds me of men in feather boas prancing down Main St – not that there is anything wrong with that!), and now Dream!!!
    Sounds like a fan club for 14 year old girls.

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