First day teaching BJJ

Taught a class today. It was fun. Not too much of a big deal though, as only four (later, six) people turned up.

I felt pretty good teaching. I thought I’d be nervous, but I wasn’t. I taught a couple of fairly simple sweeps and transitions to kimura and triangle from the failed sweeps, and everyone could pick it up fairly well.

A guy came, one of those guys who gets to blue or purple belt then just stops training, but then comes back occasionally and has still got “it”. He was seriously tough, and submitted all of us repeatedly. However, his gi smelled like smoke, and I guessed that his stamina wasn’t that great… I rolled with him at the beginning, and he steamrolled me. Then I rolled with him for the last roll of the day and, although I wasn’t able to finish him, I could control him pretty well. He had nothing in the tank.

I learnt from today… to mentally take the lead. Make the first move, steel yourself not to give up a position, be confident in your rolling.


3 Responses

  1. Hey! Congrats on teaching your first class!

    The first step towards being the hardass sensei in your own gym. Woohoo!

  2. Matt, I’ve got some good tips on coaching you might like. Email me

  3. I’d love anything you’ve got.

    I’ll send you a mail… but you have a backlog from me already! 😉

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