Do you use a groin guard?

Up until now, I haven’t. Usually I wear tight undies or even two pairs of undies so that nothing is sloshing about.

More than often, lately, though, my tamago are getting squashed. Nobody in my dojo who does BJJ seems to wear them. What’s the general opinion?


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  1. Do you mean a cup?

    Fuck yes, wear one. Everyone should wear one. I don’t know how the hell i would train if no one at our school wore a cup. Without one you got dick all over you when people are grappling you.

  2. Testicles have a hard shell around them and the inside of the scrotum is very slippery which makes them very mobile – this is the protection nature has given them and it works well. Be careful of wearing boxes/groin guards – they can cause more trouble than they avoid. Metal ones are uncomfortable and often soft enough to bend, plastic guards splinter [and the splinters point inwards], the best are made of polyurethane which are quite resilient. However, guards restrict the movement of the testicles so they are often uncomfortable and are unable move far if they hit.

  3. Right now, I train strictly BJJ. I don’t usually wear a cup and it’s about 50/50 at my club, I think (although it’s not a subject that comes up).

    When I do wear one, I wear the shock doctor with the compression shorts. Keeps everything packed up pretty well.

    As we have several guys going down to the Pan Ams this month, the topic of their rules has been coming up and I was told that cups are actually against the rules at the Pan Ams, and you could be DQ’d if you’re caught wearing one. Not 100% sure if this is true or not, but it comes from a credible source.

  4. Don’t wear one.

    It’s actually a rule at my dojo to wear a cup but I’ve been to lazy to go by the store. I’ll probably pick one up soon because there have been a couple of close calls.

  5. This is insanity.

  6. this is madness.

  7. This is Sparta!

  8. Right. No cup, but I put on a pair of tidy whities…

  9. Thanks for the responses!

    The shooto guys all wear one. No wait, they wear one each.

    Hmmm… the consensus is divided! Can I phone a friend? 50 / 50?

  10. back in London (MMA) a groin guard was de rigeur. hell, I wouldn’t want to take it off to pee in case someone accidentally kicked my nuts out of my mouth!
    Over here (BJJ) in Japan though no one seems to and there`s been a few too many close calls.. I definitely agree with Fightlinker as well: `Without one you got dick all over you when people are grappling you.` no one likes that !

  11. its only gay if theres eye contact

  12. “Without one you got dick all over you” HAHAHA classic, you’re not supposed to be doing it naked ya know.

    I usually wear one when I’m sparring as I am scared of getting kicked in the pee pee and my balls being lodged somewhere their not supposed to be.

  13. I do a bit of combat submission wrestling and I always wear one. On the odd occasions that I have forgotten it at home I felt a bit vulnerable. An *accidental* knee in the groin is fairly common (actually, just a matter of time), so do yourself a favour and get used to wearing one. Funny you should bring this up though – a few weeks ago I got one of my boys momentarily trapped between my thigh and the edge of the box – sharp intake of breath, indeed!

    Maybe the Japanese lads are doing that drawing up the knackers into the body thing, and nobody has told you.

  14. You might be right, Pete! It is an old ninja technique, after all.

    I found the groin guard, so I might bring it along next time.

  15. I wear one all the time. At first, I thought that it would interfere with my mobility, however, now I don’t notice it.

    Once I had a guy I was grappling with ask me if I was wearing a cup. I responded with a “I hope so.”

  16. when I train, always.

  17. I guess it all depends on the discipline: I’m technically a kickboxer, and competition does not permit strike below the waist. However, this is different for karate, muay thai etc, and even in a strictly kickboxing contest, your fragile parts are probably best left protected, because let’s face it, it would take one HELL of a hit to damage a decent groin guard, and the pros outweigh the cons. At least for me, anyways. =)

  18. Various of folks write about this subject but you said some true words!!

  19. I think some of you guys are crazy not wearing a cup groin protector with contact sports. I am a woman and have been kicked in the groin and it is most dibilitating and painful and I wear a female groin protector every time I play soccer and I can assure you I don’t have any testicles hanging down there. Wear a cup, protect what us women enjoy.

    • You’re right, Janis, in a few ways. But being a man is getting ever harder without loads of respect for our area – on those more frequent “accidental-but-so-what-you’ll-recover-guys-always-do-right?” kicks. Guards are a real pain, unlike female guards, because the weak straps under our glutes don’t keep the cup in place. The cup itself is always “how do I get and keep my stuff inside that little cup” and moving when adductor muscles flex, and…it’s really not good after that. Then we could get all Boxered-up in another version that just rides on top and is nothing more than 1.5inches of padding added to the kick. Does that help the kick slow down? I’ve never really found a way to protect myself, and now down to 1 and 1 injured badly but docs allowed it to stay in, and smaller 😦 – half-size, that’s my beautiful burden. It has curtailed my sports, the saddest part. Yes, I want to be there for my wife, and my health too requires normal doses of my hormones.

  20. Always, I don’t want testicular torsion. Spider guard is the way to go, the only time you might get hurt is when taking someones back.

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