Teaching tomorrow!

I got a text from sensei at 2 in the morning asking me if I could teach on Sunday. I can’t imagine how many people must have said no for him to ask me at 2 in the morning, but who cares! Woo!

When I got my blue belt last year, he told me that I could start teaching the beginner class on Sunday, and asked me to start immediately, the following Sunday. I couldn’t because I had something on already, and ever since then, he kind of forgot about it. Until now, woo!

I’m a little nervous. I can handle teaching English to a class full of unruly 11 year olds, but teaching jiu jitsu to a room full of people half of whom are bigger, older, stronger, and probably more skilled than me, might be a bit different. Still, ultimately, I want to have my own gym, so this will be a good start.

The nuances of pronunciation

I’ll teach in a mixture of basic Japanese, English, and various clicking and grunting noises. People should get the message.

Technically the first hour is for beginners and after that it’s a regular class, but it works out that everyone turns up for the whole class and we do whatever. So I am going to go over a couple of sweeps, I think. I have to do things I know I can do well, otherwise I’ll look like a twat if I can’t effectively demonstrate what I’m teaching.

Here’s the plan, putting it into words for my benefit. I’ll try to put some in Japanese, cos that’s what I’ll be shouting tomorrow…

Ebi (shrimping)
Jiu jitsu tachi (standing the bjj way)
Koten (backwards roll)
Wani aruki (crocodile walk)
Jump (leap forward and land on one leg, keep balance, then leap forward and land on the other leg. Repeat backwards.)

Situps (various)
Pushups (various)
Squats (various)
Pullups (various)

Shita kara juji (armbar from guard, 10x)
Ue kara juji (armbar from mount, 10x)
Sankaku (triangle from guard)

Rest, stretch

Sweep – Fuck knows the name, but from guard, plant left foot on floor, trap opponent’s right arm, grab his left gi pants near the ankle, then kick your right leg under his left armpit and punch your right hand (holding his pant leg) up to sweep him over to the left, putting you in mount. I do this sweep all the time and did it as a blue belt in competition, so I am pretty confident in teaching it.) Variation: hooking your arm under their knee and doing the same (if they try to stand)

Sit up / hip bump sweep Easy

After they’ve had a chance to play with that, then show submission follow ups if the sweep fails… hip bump to kimura, and that other sweep can sometimes be changed into a triangle if you are quick enough. (As I sweep to the left, they post out their right arm. I immediately bring my left leg over their arm, onto their neck, and work for the triangle.

If their is still loads of time, I might do a couple of other sweeps or a collar choke or something.

Then do some positional sparring for short bursts (from closed guard, or one up one down.)

Then lots of regular sparring.

Should be fun!


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  1. Wicked man! how did the class go? Sounds like you packed a lot in. Teaching Martial Arts is so much fun, you really don’t realise how much you know until you start showing people and answering questions. Well done mate,

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