Or… could Matt Hughes fight Silva?

A while back, Matt Hughes farted this out of his mouth:

“If Rich [Franklin] looses then I would move up and fight Anderson [Silva]. I would never fight Rich.”

I wonder if he is still thinking that? Seeing as there is no-one in the middleweight division for Silva to nosh on after he devours Okami’s soul.

I for one would love to see the smartass redneck move up in weight to challenge Silva only to get de-obliterised. And the whole spectacle of an aging legend making a last grab at glory by challenging a man bitten by a nuclear spider in the weightclass above really appeals to me. I would definitely be pumped for that fight.


2 Responses

  1. I can think of no better way for the country boy to end his career than by being devoured alive Our Spider Overlord.

    and de-obliterised should totally be in the dictionary.

  2. Me too. Let’s hope the drones in charge see fit to shunt him up to the overlord’s devouring chamber in the near future.

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