Got my black belt!

Ooops, minor typo. Got a black belt.

Had my camera handy so wanted to show off this wicked black belt from Reversal, the single coolest MMA / BJJ clothing manufacturer ever, in my humble opinion.

When I’m feeling particularly geeky I’ll show off my reversal t-shirt collection.





6 Responses

  1. damn, thats a normal clothing belt right? I thought it was a black belt for use with a gi!

  2. Just belt for hold up pants, Daniel-san!

  3. I want one! But it’s sold out! Sucks to be me.

  4. if you can’t tie it in a knot when you wear it with your jeans, what’s the point? Do they have white belt versions of that?

    On a serious note, like the new blog theme – very Web 2.0

  5. It is very functional. You thread it through the metal hoops and it pulls tight.

    Oh wait… you were joking?

    Yeah, I guess tying it in a knot would be too BJJ geeky…

  6. […] centerpiece here, of course, is the Reversal Black Belt. Sadly, it’s not “real” – it just holds up pants – but man, it’s […]

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