Kimbo is the Real Deal


Just wanted to say that.

I know the general opinion is that we can’t consider Kimbo the real deal yet because he hasn’t defeated a legitimate MMA heavyweight.

But Jesus Christ, just look at him! The man is an intense bundle of explosive energy, aggression, and technique. The penultimate punch that rocked Abbot scared the bejesus out of me. (at 7:05 in the youtube vid) He coiled right, then sprang forward almost faster than my monitor could handle, and it landed clean on Abbot’s jaw.

I believe Kimbo has the strength, the aggression, the chin and the technique to go a long, long way. I’d like to see him graduate from EliteXC and fight in the UFC (ugh I feel dirty for saying that… I want more than anything for other organisations to get big enough to really compete with the UFC, but right now, the UFC is it in terms of mainstream American MMA.)

You read it here first: Kimbo Slice is for real. I’m not saying he will never lose… a big guy with a good chin and a solid submission game can give him a lot of trouble. But the man is fierce!


4 Responses

  1. Don’t get in the way of the man’s well aged cheddar!

  2. I agree. He’s always been the real deal, he just needs to keep on developing. Besides, I can’t think of anyone who has always fought top-notch opponents.

    I think Kimbo is also popular for his potential. I think it is good that he is being groomed.

  3. I like kimbo. I think he’s a class act, but frankly he just hasn’t proven himself yet.
    Until he battles a more well-rounded opponent it’s impossible to say how far he’ll go.
    Remember the second coming that was Houston Alexander, where is he now?
    I hope to see Kimbo fight again soon and against a reputable opponent. Tank? bah!

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