Jiu jitsu and martial arts resources for people in Kyushu

It’s all in Japanese, but let’s face it, most of us have Japanese girlfriends who like nothing more than to translate martial arts stuff for us, right fellas?!

Here is the homepage of Fukuoka Kakutougi (sport martial arts.)  

Here is the link page… you’ll find shops, academies, promotions etc… you might find one near you!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting up this information Matt! Good stuff! Highly appreciated! I owe you one! I would have never known there were this much schools and academies on Kyushu.

    I see a few places in Omuta city which is really close to where I live. One has a name all in kanji, no idea what it means. The other two are kinda… scary. I mean, they sport names like “hellmissionells” and “alternative-666”. Then again, not as bad as if there was a “Cuddly Bears Jiu-jitsu.”

  2. Yeah, don’t take my word for it… there may be a hostess bars or tattoo parlours stuck in there or something…

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