Back in the saddle…

So I went back to jiu jitsu on Monday night. I’ve only missed a week but it seems like an eternity.

The good news is, I’m still feeling pretty good.

I had a few good rolls, notably with big-strong-skilled whitebelt guy, who I kind of use as my measuring stick (actually, I have a lot of guys I use as measuring sticks.)

On an off day, this guy dominates me. On an OK day, we are kind of even. On a good day, I can control him. Last night was a good day, thankfully, although he did nearly omoplata me and cause me to roll the wrong way on my neck, which was crunchy-ouch time. My poor, fragile pencil neck.

My instructor needed to take some time off rolling because he has an injured eye and elbow. I’m not surprised, the maniac trains from morning until night every single day without fail. After watching us roll around for a few minutes though he couldn’t stay away any longer and asked me for a roll, but “ゆくり!” which means slowly. He’s been perfecting this style lately that frustrates the hell out of everyone and is quite amazing to watch.

jiu jitsu pic 1

That’s Mitsuyoshi Hayakawa there on top of Ide-san. 

Basically, he gets you on your back, and keeps you there for the whole six minutes. He floats around on top of you, looking as light as a feather but weighing a tonne, using all these intricate foot and leg movements to keep you continually trapped, twisted and pressed on the mat. It’s quite fascinating to watch, it looks like he’s surfing his opponent. Very painful and stifling for the person on the bottom, though.

Good practice for me though. Keeps me thinking, I can work on my defence, and I learn a lot of lessons, like keep moving, stay off my back, etc.

Condition was not too bad, I took a couple of breaks because I’m still hocking up huge green jellyfish from my rattling lungs, you know.

The road to the gold has begun!