Plan of Action

I want to compete in March.

I want to compete, and I want to win.

It’s far away (an hour and a half drive, I think), and it’s already a quarter of the way through the year, so I have to start my winning ways.

I don’t want to come home without a medal.

So I have just over a month to prepare. My last performance (my first at blue belt), I lost via submission in a few minutes in the first fight, and lost a close match on points in the absolute division. So I have a big leap to make if I want to do well this time.

Where I am at now.
Here’s the situation now. I’m just getting back into regular gear after a few months of on and off training, time off, and illnesses due to the shitty cold weather. I’m about a kilo away from the pena weight limit (up to 70kg with the gi) so losing the weight should be no problem at all. Just cut out deserts, donuts and biscuits for a few weeks.

Conditioning wise, my job teaching kids is hard work, I cycle and walk every day, and even during quiet periods I train a couple of times a week. So not too bad. But, I definitely don’t have the juice to go 110% for the full six minutes, which is my aim.

Strength wise, I’ve been sloppy at using my weights and chin up bar lately, so I’m not as strong as I could be.

Skill wise, I feel I just clawed my way into blue belt by the skin of my eyeballs, but since then, I’ve settled into it. So I believe I’m an average blue for now. I can triangle people and scissors sweep people and armbar people, but if I get caught snoozing I get swept on my butt, my open/spider/butterfly guard needs work and I can only think of about 3 things at a time.

Pumpitude wise, I’m pretty low.

How to fix it.
I’m going to basically headbutt the wall a few times, watch lots of jiu jitsu fights, watch my old jiu jitsu fights, punch some trees in the mouth, kick a few dogs, read some wing chun forums until I get nerd-rage, and generally claw at random passers-by to increase my level of pumpitude.

Jiu jitsu: push myself at all times until I can go for six minutes at a time, all out, maybe five or six times in a row. Attend at least one circuit training class (10 to 11:30pm… yikes.) a week. Judo: keep up the drills and randori on Wednesday nights. Make every push up, sit up and pull up count.

At least twice a week, push myself to use my chin up bar, my free weights and my exercise ball. Stick to basics, fifteen or so reps, 3 or so sets. I’m not exactly trying to be Arnold Stallone here, just a little to improve my strength. That’s along with the usual zillions of pushups and situps at jiu jitsu.

Watch a bunch of fights and instructional DVDs, pick my instructor’s brains, but basically just keep it simple and come up with a gameplan.

Standup work
The Wednesday night judo practice is doing wonders for my confidence. Before, the single scariest thing about competing was the standup. I had no fucking idea what to do. So even though I know I’m not going to judo flip anyone on their head, at least I won’t be quivering with inexperience when the guy yells “combate”.

The gameplan
Watch this space. But basically I am going to work in broad strokes beforehand, and leave the fine details to paint themselves in on the day.


5 Responses

  1. Nice stuff man. Good luck with the training. Pumpitude is definately your friend. Every time i start to get a bit down I watch a few awesome highlights and get right back in the headspace

  2. I’d kill to be Arnold Stallone

  3. Started reading your blog a few days ago and enjoying every post of it! Good luck in your training!

    Where is this next tournament going to be held? I’m in Fukuoka-ken, and I’d love to check it out or maybe even complete if possible.

    Anyway, keep up the hard work and great reads!

  4. Wow, really? It’s in Oita. I’ve just got over a stomach bug, which put a spanner in the works (something always does!) but I should be OK to compete.

    Info is here:

     (日本ブラジリアン柔術連盟 公認大会)
          9:30 計量開始(道衣込み) 10:15大会ミーティング 10:30試合開始予定
    ●会場 :大分県立総合体育館 (駐車場有り)
    ●所在地 :大分県大分市青葉町大洲運動公園内武道場



    ねわざワールド東九州 青座 雄一郎まで郵送して下さい。
    郵送先:大分県大分市賀来南2-9-11 青座 雄一郎


    2008年2月29日 金曜日必着


  5. Awesome! Thanks for the info!

    It’s in Oita, huh? Been there only once, to the Sapporo Beer Factory actually. Be nice to go there and then remember what happened for a change.

    Yeah, I’m in Kurogi-machi, down south of Fukuoka-ken. Real inaka. From my town I can either head towards Kumamoto, Oita or to the rest of Fukuoka.

    Sorry to hear about your ills, glad to know you’re feeling better. Again, thanks so much for the information! Keep on training!

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