One of the rewards for getting my blue belt is that I can teach the odd Sunday class, when sensei is busy. I’m pretty pumped about that. But it means I have to really start thinking about moves and how to break them down and teach them to someone else. It also means I have to figure out my class. So here are a few notes, mostly for my benefit.

Class Structure:

Warm up:

  • Press ups (various types) ~100
  • Sit ups (various types) ~100
  • Pull up bar (wrap belt around bar) ~20
  • Squats ~50



  • Situp sweep drill ~20
  • Pressure drill (Keeping pressure on partner’s chest (or back), spin around using no hands.) (1 minute)
  • Armbar and triangle from guard ~20
  • Armbar from mount ~20
  • Knee on belly switching ~20
  • Guard passing to knee on belly ~20

Positional sparring

  • Half guard ~2 mins, then change position
  • Guard ~2 mins, then change position
  • Side ~2 mins, then change position
  • Mount ~2 mins, then change position


  • From knees, 5 mins with 1 min break

Moves that I can teach
It will only be the beginners’ class that I teach, so nothing too complex.

  • Armbar
  • Triangle

Now for my shorthand nonsense where I get all the names wrong.

There are enough moves for a few weeks there to get me started. I’m going to look back through my archives to see if there are any other moves I can use.


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