Works, meet Mr. Spanner. No, no… you stay right there. I’ll throw him at you! NHGYRG!

Spanner in the works, in case you didn’t follow.

Me roll with big Yakuza man.

Him got Yakuza sleeves on him legs and arms.

Me got foot tangled in him tree-trunk legs.

Him spin around quickly.

Me foot go twisty ouch.

Me kneecap go POP

Me hopes and dreams go POP, too.

Actually, it’s not toooo bad. My knee made a fucking loud pop as my foot twisted round a bit too far. It was very scary and painful. Luckily I went straight to the bone-doctor dude, a friend of my BJJ teacher, and he checked it out and said it wasn’t too bad. Taped it up real nice for me. Try not to get too aroused by the picture of hairy manflesh.

Fuck, the day after, it hurt like buggery. Now it’s abated a little. I hope for a speedy recovery. But it’s another thorn in my fucking side, along with a wife who won’t stop feeding me huge delicious meals (I know–my heart bleeds–but I am almost four kilos too heavy now, with only 3 weeks left!) and a constant, nagging kind of cold.

Anyway, I will do my best to rehabilitate the knee, get back into training, and prepare for the comp.

4 Responses

  1. awwwww DUDE. Damn. Knee injuries are annoying – you can’t stay off them but if you do the leg gets really weak quite quickly. Just be glad you didn’t tear your ACL or something.

    Oops i didn’t realize the comp was still a few weeks away (my perception of time is a little bad).

    How can you lose the weight if you can’t use your legs much? Burn off energy by doing lots of reps of light weights (arms + chest)??

    Have you already applied for a specific weight class or can you change it at the last minute if you can’t drop down?



  2. i will do sit ups, pressups, some weights etc. at home for this week.

    fingers crossed, it will get better fast. i think next weekend i will be able to go back to training.

    then I’ll have to take it easy for a couple of sessions but then train my arse off big time in the remaining 2 weeks.

    it will kind of suck, but hey. i still need the competition experience so i will do it regardless.

    ive already got my sights set on the weightclass. if i change to the one above, my natural weight, most people will be heavier and will have cut down from an even heavier class… so im going to try to lose the weight.

    good night!

  3. YOWEEE That sounds soooo painful man. Hope it recovers in time for the comp. But don’t force it if it hasn’t healed dont do the comp or you may seriously bugger it. YOWEE!

  4. Bet that smells bad too dont it?

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