Some crap-as-hell BJJ

I took my video camera to training the other morning.

Here is the result… ugh, I look like a mildly-annoyed sloth who’s been pulled out of his favourite tree by a short, stubby Japanese man.

Part 1

Part 2

– I’m attacking almost all of the time
– Active guard
– Sweeeeet sweep at about 1:27 of the second video

– I attack far too slowly
– Got to tighten things up more
– I got freakin tapped by some craphouse move at the end
– I’m still 2 kilos too heavy for the comp 😦
– I just generally look all around sucky.

Need to somehow figure out how to simultanously tighten up my game without becoming too tense or missing opportunities. Definitely need to attack much faster. And I need to get my endurance and stamina up so that I can just keep attacking for the whole six minutes of the match. As soon as I let my concentration down, or pause to rest, the other guy has a chance to pass or attack. I really want to be attacking for the entire duration of all my matches. If I am defending, I am losing.

The other rolls that session were much better but my teacher didn’t bother filming them. That’s okay, I can live with you guys seeing my crapness.


9 Responses

  1. Looks cool! more please.
    Oh and tell that guy to put the Sloth back in the tree please.

  2. just practice trying to look cooler. Also go and watch spiderman 3

    looks okay to me, that what training looks like.

    Your gi has been thoroughly patched and this contributes to your coolness by +10 (the friend I roll with on the weekends LOVES patches. Hes crazy).

    Question: Do you roll with these guys in your gym often? Sometimes the people you know well develop the ability to predict you much better because they know your game (I think).

    And cool sweep 😀

  3. Yeah, I roll with that guy all the time.

    He has a strong neck and shoulders though, hard to sub with the triangle, which is what I like to do. Actually that day I had no trouble handling him. Apart from the sub he got at the end!

    Usually he gives me more trouble than that. He is strong and aggressive as hell.

    Oh man, I just checked my weight on the scales and I need to lose 4 kilos by May 27. Admittedly, I just stuffed my face with pizza, but still, I have got work to do.

    If all goes well I will be going to a marathon training session tomorrow night, 8pm to 11:30pm. There will be a lot of people there and a whole different intensity. I will try to get video of that.

    My instructor is fighting a pro jiu jitsu match on May 12 or something, so he is training hard, too. He had to lose 7 kilos to get to the weight class he wanted! Crazy! I hope to get some footage of him kicking some butt in training. He’s a crazy little monkey.

    Hey hobes, get some of ur wing flung dung sparring up! Wanna see!

  4. dude all the best for losing the weight. I do know that sometimes people dehydrate themself at weigh in then rehydrate or something but don’t recommend it…

    take the advice of the dude losing 7 kg he probably knows what hes doing

    – why are people always trying to lose weight and not put it on?

  5. oh and with my neck i pretty much get instant choked it sucks.

  6. Yeah, just eat a bit less and train more, I should be OK.

    With BJJ, you weigh in just before you fight. So there’s no sneaky cutting water out of your system. (The technique you are talking about, people use when they way in the day before the fight.)

    Not everybody cuts weight.

    I am naturally about 72 kilos. That puts me somewhere in the middle of a weight category, which means that the people I will fight will more likely be heavier than me, making me at a disadvantage. If I diet a little bit, down to 68 kilos, then I will be at the top of the wieghtclass below, meaning that everyone will be my weight or lighter. This is good!

    The other option, putting on wieght, is not recommended because you won’t be putting on instant muscle, and your body will get tired moving that extra weight around. You aren’t used to it. Better to lose the weight.

    Damnit, I have a stupid cold. I don’t know if I can go to training tonight. Should be over it by tomorrow, but it’s a waste of a day! GNYARG!

  7. GNYARG! Hope you get over your cold. Will send some vids soon 🙂

  8. GNYARG! It got better throughout the day, so I decided to go to training, woot!

    I’ll have some more vids up tomorrow.

    You can see the full extent of our tiny gym and some of the real fighters, maybe.

  9. hey, videos! So when’s the Sloth BJJ highlight video coming out?

    And real cool sweep!! Am gonna have to try that one out

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