Some smooth-as-hell BJJ

It’s a demonstration. Unscripted, freestyle. Obviously they are not fighting each other, but flowing really, really nicely.

Check it out.

4 Responses

  1. Awesome.

    Now comment on the vid, and the previous post’s vids! 😉

  2. I like this video.

    Don’t know how to put it. Dynamic, energy, display a variety of techniques (tasty leg locks that I haven’t learnt!!).

    I like how they go through from a take down to submission. Sometimes they get caught on a technique but they can readily switch to another one (such is the teachings of BJJ!), which makes for a a good demo too.

    Good speed, little or no stalling, both obviously very good (both wearing black belts and displaying good technique speed etc look very diserving. Both in good physical shape not fat or unfit lol).

    I remember doing a demo for wing chun. It was terrible lol.

    I spose the only thing the chun has thats close to this in terms of its ‘unpredicatbility’ is chi sau but its such a constricted and goofy looking exercise.

    Say you had some people explaining on a microphone to a crowd about BJJ whilst these two guys were doing their demo, I think it would look awesome.

    Speech could be like

    “BJJ focuses on taking the opponent to the ground. It is very difficult to stop a determined person from tackling you.

    Once on the ground the BJJ fighter searches for a joint lock or immobilization, using multiple large strong body parts to attack a much smaller and vulnerable body part”…



    I don’t know what to say it all looks so good compared to the shit I’ve done b4. BJJ just reeks of ‘sensibility’ or something.

    I think the speed of the submissions shows better how fast someone who wouldn’t know how to defend would be defeated (pretty damn quick). I know theres more resistance involved but I watched that pros verse joes thing lol!

    Watching fedor vs crocop now

  3. Wow that looks wicked fun!
    and yeah they pop those locks on nice and fast. Rolly Roll! lol

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