My idea for a t-shirt

My T-shirt idea… what do you think?
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22 Responses

  1. your humor fu is strong!

  2. Hee hee, I was giggling about this one on my way home from training.

  3. but your sphincter is weak!

  4. I just found a damn GOLD MINE of weird culty type mentality, its a dude I used to train with… check his random blogs out

    he’s some sort of ghetto/ganster emo – but heres the thing hes a normal dude living a pretty average middle class life etc. I wouldn’t take spiritual council from someone like this, nor believe any shit about the street life (seriously what the fuck is with that). He’s even managed to launch his own album where he talks about how hard other peoples lives were or something (??? martin luther king etc)

    Seriously he is buttered white bread no street life livinghardship for him

    I also checked out his friends blog, also full of weird philosophical stuff.

    A wing chun school started up around the corner to my house, I walked past and saw the class, it was TERRIBLE. Just awful. Was like a slap in the face. Shitty techniques, no energy, no resistance, awkward people training together etc. Ugh!

    this blog is priceless

    “to you I may appear to be what I have portrayed myself to be on my myspace. But to me, I am a nobody”

    “It may confuse you, but there is nothing contradictory about me at all. I have always loved gangstas – in fact far more than I have loved spiritual seekers. It may be hard for you to understand why”

    oh man, made me laugh, I don’t know about you, I think this is much dumber than anything I have ever written

  5. Pretty fuckin tragic. I used to think up dumbass life theories like that back when i was about 18 and smoking too much weed and not eating well.

    The chi sau clip is HOrRIBLE.

    “I’ve always loved gangstas even more than I love spiritual seekers. But me like mint choc chip best of all.”


  6. Okay so I’m still sane, thank god * checks reality *

    You know he seemed like such a normal dude in person, its been really weird finding crap like this on the net

    Hey I passed my first exams too!

    I must be cautious of the coming martial arts ‘cognitive dissonance’ ie – what I am doing now makes me automatically more awesome woo hoo. Also that quote on my blog at not laughing at the people you won’t educate. But occasionally it helps to realise other people are also so confused and misguided (well it helps my weak ego lol, at least to realise I might be deluded myself).

    “What you see on my myspace page is just an honest reflection of my personal experience. You see bandanas, fight videos, chopper read – a totally bold attitude”

    Look I am a nerdy white dude but I have never looked for external tough guy role models to confirm my bad assness (I think thats being a pussy anyway). At the small level, at least I took up something like a martial art, and at the next level, at least I gave that up for a harder one when I realized/was shown I was still being a pussy. Anyone can listen to tupac or have a poster of choppa, thats a bunch of horseshit.

    I’m going to lump people into that category: I don’t want to feel like a pussy. I’m going to take up a martial art. whats that? Wing Chun? sounds good.

    maybe thats why you can’t talk to people about half the stuff you want to, you start saying ‘you train like a pussy’ and they get all like NO IM NOT A PUSSY GOD DAmN YOU!!~!

    So many mixed up beliefs and attitudes and things that get thrown into what you think. Keep it simple, stick to fighting/techniques. Spar. Stay honest.

    I mean its like, you want to feel confident and able to take care of yourself, but you take up the one style thats actually not going to give you any physical training at all, instead it just gives you alot of false confidence – fuck! what a waste of time.

    Like you said, move on. Just move on.

    Enough from me 😛

    Hows life dude? Anything exciting on the cards?

  7. Holy Crap thats amazing! That chi sau clip was absolute poo. I love my spaz pages they are just so unbelievably painful to look at some times. Talk about an ID crisis.
    Seriously though, I have always loved gangstas.

  8. Also, I’d just like to say that I love Wing Chun but absolutley hate all the bullshit, twats and dodgy Sifus that have somehow managed to corrupt it. My Sifu was a nightclub bouncer years and years ago in central London and had plenty of fights during the time he worked the doors, so he advocates a realistic approach to training. He’s always pretty outspoken and often says stuff that puts a lot of people in the Wing Chun communities noses out of joint and even teaches techniques specifically geared to defeat Wing Chun. Which is always good to know, helps you see the weakness of the style too and understand that your chosen martial art, or training method is only as good as you are. Of course, finding a good teacher helps too 🙂

  9. I’m with you, Hobina.

    It’s funny that a lot of the so-called wing chun purist spazz-holes look down upon people like your teacher. But in reality, he has a very good and down-to-earth approach.

    He seems to have a slightly crazy/mean streak too, which I think helps.

    Besides, you haven’t got anything to worry about… you spar, you do pushups, you are fit and healthy. It’s the limp-wristed jedi masters that are in trouble.

  10. yeah those jedi masters wont stand a chance against the spiritual gangsters!

  11. Yeah, hes totally got a crazy streak to him. cracks me up sometimes.
    Plus he breaks chopsticks on his neck and used to hold the guinness world record for breaking the most bricks or something. Which, lets face it, you have to be pretty crazy to even try.
    He makes us do sit ups and push ups and Chi Gung and stuff he gets cussed for it by random other Wing Chunners. He fell out with his Sifu because he wanted to teach Wing Chun to everyone, not just Chinese people.
    He even gets in trouble for showing so called “secret forms” which are unique to our lineage Pien San (side body) Wing Chun. It cracks me up when you get punks who’ve just learnt Yip Man style and assume that thats the only lineage and “proper wing chun.”
    Hes pretty cheeky basically is what im trying to say which may explain all the fights 🙂

  12. hey waapwoop got deleted from the IWCA forums. It’s as though 2000 posts cried out and were suddenly silenced…

  13. why did waapwoop get deleted?!

  14. well about 4 weeks after jim fung died, mark spence and a few of his close training friends left IWCA and opened about 4 schools in sydney.

    I don’t think that richard and tristan and the remaining seniors took that very well.

    waapwoop is running one of the schools from what I hear and teaches at marks, so I think they just deleted him from the forum for a while.

    and actually I checked with someone, they just hid his posts not deleted.

  15. It says a lot for the state of the art when a twig like waapwoop can “run” a school that supposedly teaches you how to fight.

  16. lol!!!

  17. I think like we have discussed, because there is a significant emotional/financial/psychological/physical investment of time and energy we both made into Wing Chun that its very hard to extract yourself either from being semi interested in it or from just hating the bullshit that was touted during our training time (whether it was bullcrap about realistic training or anatomy or sensible expectations of the martial art or cross training in a few styles)…



  18. heres a CRAZY thing to think about. Some of these guys have done in the order of 3000 hours of training.

    they would not in that time, have spent even a single hour sparring with someone from another style, sparring using kicks grabs or takedowns with one another (only hitting to the chest) or devoted it to any signifcant basic drilling of reflexes.

    think about how much time that is…

    10 hours a day for a year
    5 hours a day for 2 years
    1 hour a day for 10 years

    If we did 1 hour of MMA for ten years, how OWNAGE would we be?! I only train a couple of hours a week at the moment, and I’ve frequently missed classes because of uni

  19. I just picked up on your blog. Nice job! Well written, and compelling, in part, because of your obvious enthusiasm for training and improving yourself.

    Your observations on Wing Chun interest me particularly, and I too felt limited by what I was learning and branched out to include combat submission wrestling and some Muay Thai into my training, BUT I still view WC as my core art – something I will be able to train in long into my old age. I wonder how many old MMAers we’ll see in the future? Probably a few, but will they be like the old Rugger buggers – a bit battered and a little on the loony side? ; )

    Yes, there are hordes of crap, deluded Wing Chun people out there, but there are also a few that will… well, kill you!

    Maybe I am being a bit defensive – even though I agree with your overall view that a lot of Wing Chun people need a wake up call. It’s a bit like comparing Apples to Oranges, but I think that some WC concepts cross can over to other disciplines. Currently, I am trying to use some Wing Chun techniques in my wrestling, specifically control of opponents hands and arms in close situations (pre-clinch/takedown, when mounted, or mounting). And you know what? It sorta works. I’d love to talk to others who are working on similar ideas.

    To conclude, the thing I love about MMA/BJJ is that you can’t fake it or compensate for real fighting ability by hiding behind weak, ineffectual and untested drills. MMA has shaken up the world of martial arts, and not before time.

    Best regards,
    ps My pet peeve is nerdy weakling Wing Chun guys who frown on conditioning and think WC is the intellectual’s martial art. They are more interested in talking about Lineage than doing a push-up.

  20. You sound like my kind of chunner, Pete. Stick around!

  21. coming from the chisauclub and also in defence of waapwoop.

    1. would any of you even come close to fighting and going ok against mark spence? I honestly believe he would hit harder then most ppl out there
    2. A good teacher doesn’t have to be a good fighter. Jonny lewis the boxing coach is still a good coach.

    just a thought

  22. There’s good info here. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Keep up the good work mate!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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