BJJ thoughts

I bought that magazine, with the DVD with the Eddie Bravo Rubber Guard seminar.

I tried to understand what Eddie was talking about and to be honest, it sounded pretty good, and watching the other instructionals from different instructors after, I felt that they all had holes that Eddie’s system could exploit somehow. Interesting.

I want to try to add elements of Bravo’s rubber guard to my game but I know it’s a long and difficult process so I’m starting off slowly and with the very basics. I started just by trying to break the posture of whoever is in my guard, and then creeping my legs up to a high guard. It worked well against a blue belt (although he was a bit rusty having taken a 2-month break), and especially when I gripped my ankle with my wrist, I was able to shut him down completely. I was happy with that as a first attempt. I was totally not confident transitioning into omoplata / jiu claw, so that may be the next step for me to add to my to-do list of Bravo moves to practice.

I really like the butterfly guard sweep where you roll to your shoulder and kick your leg high in the air. I have some success with that lately, and even managed to pull off a variation of it on the same blue belt above (after 4 attempts. Once I got into the swing of it, he couldn’t stop it–the 5th time.)

Experimenting with this transition: from full guard, break the posture, buttscoot left a little, trap their right arm somehow (overhook or just between my leg and arm, underhook my right arm, then sneak my right foot into half butterfly guard (basically hook my foot under their left thigh) and sweep. Careful not to grip too tightly with the right arm so I can base out after the sweep.

Also the Saulo Ribeiro sweep from full guard (kicking the leg over the shoulder while gripping the arm and the knee) is great as an attack. Even if you don’t sweep, you can force them to deal with it, which puts them on the defensive, and allows you to move onto the next thing.

Marcelo Garcia said on “Arte Suave”, you have to always be attacking in jiu-jitsu. If you aren’t attacking, you’re defending. On the back foot. At the moment, I agree with him.


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