BJJ thoughts

First off, I just ran to the shop and bought this mook (a book crossed with a magazine that’s more expensive but full of more stuff… clever, these Japanese!)

I bought it because it has a free DVD 37 minutes of Eddie Bravo doing rubber guard stuff in English in some MMA or grappling school in Japan. Bravo’s bendy legs seem to be all the rage at the moment, so I thought I’d check it out. Plus it has loads of other cool stuff on the DVD. I might blog about it soon.

As for BJJ, some random thoughts from recent training:
I’ve been watching Saulo Ribeiro’s Jiu Jitsu Revolution DVDs quite a lot, sometimes not really concentrating but doing something else like cleaning the house or working out or writing something or picking my nose. Trying to pick it up subliminally. It works! I can hear him saying “I don’t wanna be a do that. I don’t wanna be a fighting with him or using strength. No. That’s notta whatta Jiu Jitsu about.”

He rules.

And I managed to pull off his sweep from the guard about five times in a row (grip right sleeve, put left leg on ground, scoot a little, then kick right foot/leg into his armpit and sweep into mount).

Alas, I lost my superman powers at the last training. I’d had about 5 sessions in a row where I was pulverising everyone, and then last night I got squashed by a relative n00b and the usual people were giving me troubles. Maybe they washed their gis in kryptonite.

That is all.


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