BJJ Class, Sun. December 10

A monster 2.5 hour class! Well, not that monster, but pretty good nonetheless.

I’m changing my “person” in these to the first person, because really, I am just instructing myself—I am not good enough to instruct “you”.


“Peekaboo” Sprawl Counters
1) Bodylock
I shoot, opponent sprawls and locks both arms around my body under my arms. Step one is to choose a side, start to peek my head out to that side, under his armpit. I go for the left side. Then I reach my left arm out and back, down the side of my body, and clamp his right arm tight against my body. My left leg is posted out to the side, my right hand posted on the floor between his legs. This, combined with my head pressing up and into him, creates some space to switch my right leg out, which I do, sitting on the floor. My right leg should go out almost in line with the direction of his body, not out at ninety degrees. So, as I sit out, keep the arm gripped tight and my head pressed against his body to control him. Then quickly let go of the arm, switch my legs back, turn to face him, and take his back with a clutch grip.

2) Head and arm hold
Shoot, sprawl, and opponent has grips around my left arm and head. I again post my left leg and right hand on the floor, ready to switch my leg through the gap and out to the side. Reach up with my left hand and secure a grip on his forearm under my neck. Then, switch my right leg out to the left, this time, perpendicular, immediately spinning to my left after posting, keeping my head pressing into his body at all times. Spin all the way to my knees, securing him with my other hand. He ends up chewing the mat with his right arm practically kimura’d.

The problem with these techniques is that when someone does a good sprawl, you don’t have the room to switch your hips under you. So I guess the important things I have to remember about these techniques is to not let my opponent sink down on me, set up the counter quickly, and work to create the space.

There was another technique too… I just need to remember that if I am halfway through the technique and I lose a grip on my opponent’s arm, or if he lets go, then I should change and go for the single leg, assuming that I am close enough to it to be able to grab it quickly.


4 Responses

  1. Some nice moves there mate! Hey I am after starting an MMA blog because I enjoy our conversations so much!Im pretty handy with photoshop and web developing so I wanna make an MMA site. Its at You seem to know your shit and if you would like to be involved in it Id be glad to give you an administrator account. And by involved I mean post every few weeks in it or do a BJJ page or put some youtube vids up whatever suits you or seems relevant. Me and a couple of my mates are part of it now so we are trying to grow! So let us know this would be a good way to colloborate and do something that will be heard in the MMA world. Cheers mmabbj!

  2. would love to mate! Hit me up with an admin account.

    I’ll put my bjj class stuff on there, and try to come up with some articles or news from Japan. One other thing I was planning on doing on my blog, but will do on the new one, is to buy the MMA magazines here in japan and upload some of the more interesting pages.

    There is a lot of MMA coverage here in Japan and has fighters doing some really great photo shoots. I can’t read much Japanese, so I won’t be translating, but I’ll put some pics up and some comments.

  3. Sweet! Whats your email address and I will I send you an email where you can set up your password and stuff!

  4. I emailed you.

    And I hardly know my stuff… But I’d be glad to try and help out.

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