My first highlight video!

The finals of the 2006 Pride Openweight GP.

I hope you like it. I do.

Some of the editing is a little rough, and I wish I had some higher quality video to work with, but anyway… enjoy!

There are no fancy visual tricks — so it’s important to crank the music up!

8 Responses

  1. Give it a few minutes to load…

  2. Cool video! Sorry if am a bit late to comment; videos are generally NSFW (even if it isn’t pr0n) heheh

  3. Hey nice!! Based on the blog title – I was expecting to see clips of you, yes you, doing WC & BJJ and whatever else!

  4. Haha… my tournament footage is not exactly spectacular. Yet! Gimme a year…

  5. great highlight vid i think, simplistic and i liked the choice of music

    what’s the name of that first song?

  6. First song is “First contact” by omni trio…
    Then gideon by My Morning Jacket
    Ave Maria by Sarah Brightman

    Thanks for the comment. I’m working on the next one!

  7. don’t mean to bug you but could you send me a .mp3 of first contact? couldn’t find it on limewire …

  8. ha… took me a loooong time to track it down, too. I’ll see what I can do, but it might be tough at the moment because I don’t have the internet at home, only here at work, where I don’t got no mp3s…

    You know, omni trio have always sold full-length CDs of mostly good drum and bass for about a quid a pop, which is how I originally got my hands on this tune…

    Then I lost the CD, and I did manage to find it on limewire in the end!

    Long story short. If you can’t find it in 2 months (don’t ask mate… takes them forever to set up a broadband account in Japan) ask me again.

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