BJJ class, Sun. December 3

Went over some very basic techniques as there were some kids and a beginner present. Learnt a hot tip for the RNC though… only a small one. Once one hand is around the neck and hooked on the opposite shoulder, instead of putting the other hand over the top, cupping your bicep, and then bringing the foreram back to behind the head, put your hand behind the head first, then wriggle your hand into the crook of your elbow. This way, you don’t put that second hand in front of them at all, and don’t give them a chance to defend that stage of the choke.

Sparring was relatively uneventful except I met a guy who hauls blocks of ice for a living and is amazingly strong. Also a guy scraped his shin down my nose while setting up some kind of armlock and scared the crap out of me and my recently-broken nose.


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