BJJ Class, Thu. November 23

Class number 2 since coming back from a broken nose and things went pretty smoothly.

Techniques learnt (again, all names my own.)

Figure-4 Gi Choke
From side control (for orientation: you are lying on opponent’s right side. Your left side near their head.) Pull their left-breast side gi from their belt so that you can use it. Throughout this technique you must have a good base but also be close to them to prevent their moving or escaping. Knees tucked in close (at their hip and under their shoulder) seems to work okay. Grab the bottom corner of the gi in a pistol grip and bring it up to their left pec area. Your left arm should be cradling their neck/head, with your left hand ready to recieve the gi. Pass the gi from your right hand to your left, pistol grip, but thumb pointing down their body now.

Now comes the figure four part.

Snake your right arm in, from the inside out, through the loop that you have just made with your left hand and the gi. Put your arm all the way across their throat and either grip your sleeve, as you would for an ezekiel, or get a deep grip in their collar.

Then, just squeeze everything tight. Left hand pulls on the gi, right arm presses into the neck and also pushes against the gi to create more tightness. Again, really hard to explain, but I know what I mean.

Baseball Choke
Same setup as the first one. But instead of bringing their gi up to their chest, pull it under their armpit so that you are gripping it with your left hand, thumb towards their feet. Bring your right arm over and grip the gi just above your left hand as if you were gripping a baseball bat. As in the last technique, your left arm is cradling their head. Now bring your right elbow down next to their neck so that your forearm presses into their throat. Your forearm position and your grip look like you are holding a baseball bat. Bring it all in tight for the tap.

Cradle Choke
You have side control. Put your left arm under their neck and then bring your hand back towards yourself over their neck and get a deep grip on their right hand side collar. They should feel the pressure straight away. If they shrimp towards you, they will make the choke tighter. So they roll away from you. Now, grab their right pant leg at the knee to control their roll. Yank it back and at the same time step over them with your right leg only. Sit on your butt and bring your left leg over their left shoulder and use it to control their left arm. Your grip is deep in their collar the whole time. The choke will practically be on by now, but just to make it really nasty, switch your grip with your right hand and reach under their knee and hook it in your elbow. Pull with the left hand, left leg, and right hand, and press your hips down into them. Nasty choke.

Nothing special. Was able to use my escape from north south / side control where you explode and go the long way round quite a few times, as well as the bipod sweep.


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