Greatest fight in a long, long time.

Hot damn, this fight was so awesome.

I will edit this post to say something useful when I have time.


7 Responses

  1. GSP really came good totally ouclassing the wrestling jock whos stand up skills were made look ameteur by gsps. I loved everysecond of this fight, GSPs movement and techniques were awesome and to land a superman punch at the end was a true sign that this fight was going one way and one way only. GSP vs. Matt Serra in Feb!

  2. I don’t want to take anything away from GSP cause he was AWSOME. But Hughes seemed a bit “off”

    Anyways GSP’s fight was a gameplan executed to ABSOLUTE perfection.

  3. It was because GSP was so awesome that he made Matt look like teh suck…

    Ooray for ze new champ!

  4. well GSP did do an amazing job im still pissed cause Matt Hughes is just the best guy in the world. but i mean GSP did kick ass and he did an awesome job at it hes a crazy motherfucker. Matt I love you.

  5. it is my first time to see GSP fight thanks for your post. i heard a lot about him but no time to watch UFC.

  6. My pleasure!

    Hey, let me guess, TUF was your introduction to MMA? Welcome to the best sport in the world.

  7. Awsomeness.

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