A good wing chun student…

A Wing Chun Student’s Blog: Martial Farts on Wing Chun vs BJJ

It seems my work has been noticed by a wing chun student who has some similar feelings to the ones I experienced.

I have to commend his way of handling some of the things I wrote. Rather than recoiling and getting all defensive like most wing chunners and making himself look stupid, he has looked past some of my venom and seen the real messages behind it, and been able to identify some of the serious problems within wing chun for himself.

For that, I applaud him!

He has identified with my thoughts about unrealistic training. He is searching for the light… the light of Aliveness!

I encourage him to continue his wing chun training, but more important than that, to keep the rational and inquisitive brain he obviously has. Don’t let your peers or your Sifu tell you that what you are thinking is wrong, when it is clearly right.

Here’s a great analogy he came up with, too, along the same lines as Bruce’s famous “swimming on dry land” quote.

It’s the same as someone learning Chinese from CDs in their car and thinking they can handle it, and when they get over to Shanghai they’re totally screwed, coz they never actually conversed with anyone.

Anyway, go and check out his blog and follow his progress.


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  1. cool will do. 🙂

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