Really great article about MMA refereeing

From MMA Weekly. Follow the link for more.

Sunday, October 29, 2006 – An Editorial by Matt Hill –

(Photo courtesy of April Pishna –

Referee extraordinaire Herb Dean has known many titles since becoming involved in the MMA scene. Dean is not only an MMA fighter, but he is also a highly revered referee who has worked for organizations such as: UFC, Pride, and King Of The Cage. Strangely enough, though, Herb may be best known for his controversial stoppages in some of the biggest fights of his officiating career.

Herb has known the most controversy in two particular fights as a referee: The first being Sylvia/Mir, and the second, Shamrock/Ortiz II.

Tim Sylvia contested after his match up with Frank Mir that his terribly shattered arm was fine, and Ken Shamrock said that Dean stepped in before he had a chance to actually “fight” Tito. Ken contested that taking Tito’s elbows was simply a part of his game plan, and that he was relaxing and “letting the bully come.” …


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  1. how can a terribly shattered arm be fine?

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