Escape from under side control or north-south

To escape from side control (originally one of my most hated positions as a noob—which I still am) I have been taught a number of moves, most of them involving forcing a gap with my closest elbow and somehow sneaking my closest knee in there.

A few times though I have found this technique to work. You might not like it. That’s fine though.

Opponent has you in a good side control. First thing to do is work for underhooks—but not your average underhooks. Because you are perpendicular to him, these underhooks are: (assuming opponent is sprawled out on your right.) Left arm down beside your body, underhooking, basically, his face, or far armpit. More important is the right underhook, which must go all the way under his body and basically come up firmly pressed against the right side of his ribcage. Usually people try to sneak the nearest knee, i.e. right knee, in a gap and work for guard from there, as I said above. In this variation, you’ll be exploding as hard as you can and taking advantage of the space created to spin all the way to the other side, in this case your left, and getting your left knee in the space and working for guard from there. So, back to the underhooks. Secure them. Note to self—try this technique again and remember what to do with the left arm.

Next step is basically a giant upa/hip bump, using your hips and arms together. Once you have bumped and made space, twist to your left and pivot on your butt, with the thought of getting back to guard.

I’ve had a lot of success with this but then again I am a white belt grappling with other white belts most of the time.


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