The importance of underhooks

Lately, I’ve realised the importance of underhooks.

1) When passing the guard, or doing anything from on top.
Passing the guard without underhooks is basically asking for someone to scoot out to the side and end up on your back. The amount of control you get from deep underhooks can’t be underestimated.

2) Side control
Having at least one underhook in side control is a good idea, I’ve found recently. If they start shrimping, you have got some kind of leverage to control them with, and you are halfway towards clamping on the farside armbar if you have a decent underhook.

3) Guard
Including butterfly guard. Decent underhooks really puts the pressure on from under the guard and allows you more control over their body to set up sweeps and attacks.

I’d imagine they help no end with your clinch game, too, but my clinch game is like a rodent with a 15inch wang… it doesn’t exist. Which reminds me… go to grappling Wednesday nights!

*slaps self in face

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