BJJ Class Thu. Oct 5

Whoops, been a whole week since training. Legitimate excuse though. I was too busy, my foot is injured, etc. Had a hell of a pissup on Sunday with the jiu jitsu crew though, that was fun.

Working on attacking from the guard and countering the annoying “Elbows in your thigh” guard break move.
If opponent is trying that move, first cut their right elbow solidly in your left palm, then pull it sharply out to the side. There should be a gap now under their armpit; quickly shoot your right arm in their, assuming the arm-drag position.

From here, you have some choices.From the underhook, you can lean back, put your feet on their hips, bring your underhook up and trapping their elbow in between your left forearm and bicep. Then do the shake hands grip with your right hand, keep everything tight, and put pressure on the elbow for an armlock. Squeeze your legs together too.

Or, from the deep underhook, put your right hand on the ground to post, scoot out to your left and shrug your shoulder so that their right arm passes over your head… in effect you are “passing” their arm.

Then put your right ear agains the outside of their shoulder to pin them there. Post up on your right knee, jockey for position a little so that your weight is on their back. Grip changes to clutch grip–left hand under their right armpit, right hand passes between their right ear and right shoulder. Hands meet under their chest and grip. Then, push off with your left leg, pull them back towards you off-balancing them, finally sinking your left hook in for the back mount.

This move ended up being really long and complicated but it’s basically just armdrag to backmount or armbar.

Next, a standing guard pass. 

You standing, right leg in front of left. They on their back, gripping sleeve or whatever. You are gripping their collar with your right hand. Push their right thigh to the ground with pressure from your right shin. Then, slide your knee over their shin until it hits the ground next to their left hip. Keep posture for a moment, then pivot on the right knee, bringing your left leg high up and back, keeping it relatively straight. Sensei called it the Compass Pass because of the way your body pivots whilst keep straight. As the left leg lands on the ground, turn away from them so that your right shoulder presses into their abdomen. If your right legs comes free: good, go to side control. If your right foot is still inside their right leg, grip their left pant with your left hand and free your leg, then go to side control.

Was one of those nights where it all comes together. Did well against an incredibly sneaky blue belt (he might be purple – damn my colour defected eyeballs), scored a sweep on him and even mount, and very nearly back mount. Went for an americana from side control and somehow the bastard reversed it into a wristlock. Sparred another whitebelt and fairly dominated him but then again I am big smelly gaijin.

Had success with: triangle, butterfly sweep (over/underhooks, butterfly guard, just roll to the side and raise one leg.).

Less success with: standing guard passes. Remember to underhook and keep my head on the opposite side. I.e. underhook my right arm under his left. Passing to the left. Keep my head down on the left side (from my POV) of his head. Can’t remember why but it was right.


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