Surprise sweep

Here’s a sweep that, as far as I know, I made up.

The variables kind of change, so this is the first time I will try to crystallise it. I hope you (and I, later) can follow it.

This sweep is always done from under side mount or just as somebody passes.

Under side mount
This works best when the opponent has side mount and is in the judo position, with his hips switched towards you, or otherwise out to the side. It won’t work if his chest or hips are facing the floor in any way. He is on your right side.

If your right arm is trapped under his body, you’ll either have to snake it back in so that it is free, or grip where it is, perhaps on the belt at his back. Ideally it will be on his front, perhaps gripping his belt in front of his stomach. Reach up around his head and do your best to secure a deep grip in the right hand side of his collar. With enough tenacity you should be able to get a good grip—practically a choke. Now, shrimp a little to the right and try to swing your left leg over his left. As if you were getting your hooks in for the back mount. This is almost like the escape from the scarfhold position, when they don’t have underhooks, and you can transition to the back. However in this sweep, they have underhooked your left arm which makes going to the back difficult. Try to get your heel in between his legs and your toes back and hooked under his knee, just like back mount. Careful of getting your foot caught up though and don’t give him any time to start fiddling with it. Give him a bit of resistance one way, by pushing into him, then as he resists back or tries to steady himself, explode to your left, pulling with your left hand, and with your right, and basically bringing him over your whole body. Use your hips as the fulcrum and use your momentum, the choke grip, and your hook, to pull off the sweep.

A variation on this, but your timing has to be right, is to do it as somebody passes your guard. It’s tough, but if you shrimp out straight away and get the choke grip quickly, before he gets a chance to complete the pass, you might be able to do it.

You end up either in side control or back mount with one hook in if you are lucky.

Disclaimer: I’ll have to clean this up when I pull off the move again. Despite being superintelligent and handsome, I find it really difficult to visualise the precise steps. Plus, I train in Japan, so I am not up on all the terminology. I originally wrote “judo position” as judo headlock position… what the hell, you know the one. Where the look all laid back and cool as they squeeze on your head.


2 Responses

  1. cool! I’ve done something like that!

  2. Cool! I should add you can do it from half guard.

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