BJJ Class, Thu. September 29

After warming up, we did a drill I’ve never done before; simply going through guard passes, then sweeps, then submissions on a relatively non-resisting opponent.

At first it felt stupid, but I started to realise that it was really making me think about a lot of aspects of what I was doing. Whereas in sparring I would normally just be fighting to be the move done, when there was no resistance, I could concentrate on things like grip, placement, posture, etc. And to tell you the truth, I felt quite incompetent… doing it slowly and easily really highlighted my mistakes that I usually cover up by rushing.

We covered how to sweep to a choke when someone is turtling, as well as the clock choke.

Clock Choke:
Opponent is turtled. We are by the side. They secure an underhook and begin trying to turn into us. Right arm goes across the back and under to grip their right wrist. Left hand should be gripping deep inside the collar on the right side of their neck. As they try to stand, put your head on the ground to the right of theirs. Important is to keep both knees off the ground so that weight is in the head and arms. Pull the collar grip tight with your forearm pressing on the neck. Keep your weight heavy across their shoulders. Switch your legs under and walk towards their head, clockwise. They’ll tap.

Turtle Sweep to Gi-choke
Opponent is turtled. My weight on his back, sprawled out to the side. Left arm grips deep in his collar on the right side. Right arm reach over and through the crook of his right knee to rest on the ground. Forward roll, putting head and shoulder on the ground (careful of neck), using momentum to pull him over after you. You should land with the choke practically sunk in, in a kind of sitting back mount. Hook your left leg over his left arm to defend his defence, keep his right leg in the crook of your right elbow. Lean back and squeeeeeze.

My foot is a bit injured lately which cuts my intensity in half. Still I had a couple of good sessions… Working my attacks from guard, trying not to rely on clamping my guard closed and playing more of an open game (but figuring out how not to leave myself open to passing). Had a good roll with Ide-san (purple belt) and nearly managed to sweep and pass him a couple of times. I say nearly. I didn’t.

My friend Okuyama (I think that’s his name – he says call him Hash) got his Shooto license upgraded after coming second in his last tournament… One tough bastard.

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